Semiconductor Industry Innovator Arthur Zafiropoulo Joins PrinterPrezz’s Board of Advisors

FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– PrinterPrezz Inc., a trailblazer in combining metal 3D printing, nanotechnologies and surgical expertise to design and manufacture next generation medical devices, today announced that Arthur Zafiropoulo, a visionary recognized for his leadership skills and technical expertise throughout the semiconductor industry, will join its board of advisors.

Having served most recently as Chairman and CEO of Ultratech, Inc., Art Zafiropoulo brings over 50 years of extensive semiconductor technology and leadership expertise to PrinterPrezz. He has led numerous private and public high-tech companies resulting in industry recognitions including SEMI’s first Bob Graham Award for Marketing Excellence and induction into VLSI Research’s Semiconductor Industry Hall of Fame. Zafiropoulo is also Director Emeritus of the Board of Directors for SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International).

“Additive manufacturing enables the creation of complex design structures that are not possible with traditional manufacturing techniques,” said Art Zafiropoulo. “Metal 3D printed medical devices have benefits that potentially result in better, faster recoveries. Leveraging technology from other industries, such as nano-coatings, metrology and etching used in semiconductors, has shown promise to reduce both the frequency of infections and the incidence of revision surgery. PrinterPrezz’s strategy of creating a center of innovation offers physicians, designers, and manufacturers a path to develop and commercialize these devices quickly.”

“We’re honored to have Art join our board of advisors. As we incorporate advancements from other industries, such as nanotechnology and semiconductors, to improve the performance of metal 3D printed medical implants, Art’s business acumen and track record of successfully leading technology companies will be invaluable,” said Shri Shetty, CEO of PrinterPrezz. “With leaders from multiple industries working together with our multi-disciplinary team of clinicians, engineers and materials scientists, PrinterPrezz is creating an entirely new concept focused on bringing advanced manufacturing technologies for the medical industry to help create next generation, life changing devices.”

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PrinterPrezz’s mission is to bring more ideas for innovative medical devices to market faster, connecting medicine and manufacturing to become the first Medifacturing™ company in the world. By developing advanced medical devices using processes that combine expertise in 3D printing, orthopaedics, semiconductor and nanotechnologies, PrinterPrezz’s ultimate goal is to provide medical solutions that enable people to enjoy active lives longer. PrinterPrezz’s ecosystem aims to solve challenges for various parts of the medical innovation value chain by providing prototyping, development, and manufacturing services to create life-enhancing medical devices. PrinterPrezz provides customers with access to a variety of 3D printing machines, 3D manipulation software, and 3D scanners as well as advanced manufacturing processes, and surgeon education programs. Medical solutions created by PrinterPrezz are designed to enable more people to live happier and more gratifying lives. For additional information about the company, please visit