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We’re changing the world of medical devices one implant at a time.

New to 3D printing? Unclear why titanium is an ideal choice for medical implants? Catch up on all the latest developments on ZEDA and our insights into medifacturing here in our white papers and blog.

Using Additive Manufacturing to Address Critical Segmental Bone Loss

Introduction: Many fractures and other bone injuries can be successfully treated in such a way that the bone ...

The Burden of Revision Spine Surgery

Introduction: Instrumented spinal fusion is a common procedure for patients with spinal deformity or degenerative wear-and-tear disorders.  Today, ...

Cardiac 3D Printing: The Heart of the Matter

Over the past decade, there has been an exponential increase in the utilization of 3D printing technologies for ...

Kaiser Permanente’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Tadashi Funahashi, joins Zeda’s Board of Directors

[Fremont, CA – June 27, 2023] – Zeda, Inc. (previously PrinterPrezz / Vertex Manufacturing), a global leader in ...

Zeda (Formerly PrinterPrezz / Vertex Manufacturing) Opens Advanced Manufacturing Digital Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio

Zeda (Formerly PrinterPrezz / Vertex Manufacturing) Opens Advanced Manufacturing Digital Foundry in Cincinnati, Ohio May 24, 2023 -- ...

Series B Announcement

Zeda, Inc. (previously PrinterPrezz / Vertex Manufacturing), a global leader in advanced 3D manufacturing and nanotech solutions for the medical, space, aerospace, and defense industries, closed a $52 million equity and debt financing for a total capital raise of $68 million to date.

More Ideas and Less Time

Rapid prototyping is more than having fast equipment. You need talented engineers and a robust design hardware and software ecosystem. ZEDA offers all of this. We accelerate innovative ideas at every level, whether you are a multi-national corporation needing advanced design consultation, or an individual looking to develop an initial medical device prototype.

ZEDA offers an end-to-end solution for medical devices from concept to production, getting your team to the finish line fast by prototyping and validating on the same equipment used in volume production. Our open design and manufacturing ecosystem reduces engineering iterations by optimizing medical devices designs and reducing time-to-market.


PrinterPrezz and Vertex rebrand to zeda, inc.

“In 2018, we entered a new territory with advanced manufacturing of medical devices for the global orthopedic market. By combining advanced manufacturing processes, like 3D printing, with technologies from the semiconductor industry, we are able to customize and reduce the cost of medical devices for the global population,” said Zeda CEO Shri Shetty. “It wasn’t long before we realized that the fusion of these technologies could revolutionize not just healthcare but advancements in the space, defense, semiconductor, and aerospace industries. Zeda reflects where we came from, where we are today, and where we intend to go.”

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