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Our Z-to-A philosophy: Start with the customer's need in mind first—then work with them to build the solution together. Our approach combines advanced manufacturing with regulatory experience and expertise, designed for highly regulated industries.

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We build it better

Zeda's objective is to better lives by investing in cutting-edge tech, innovative companies, and groundbreaking ideas.

Globally operated advanced manufacturing businesses

Established geographical locations around the world

Technology patents

Mission: to better lives by building it all better together.

Zeda Inc. manufacturing facility
Zeda Inc. manufacturing facility
Zeda Inc. manufacturing facility

Our team is driven by a shared mission to improve lives and make a lasting impact on society — from life-changing medical devices that save lives, to pioneering advancements in space exploration, we leverage technology to push the boundaries of innovation.

Shri Shetty
Shri Shetty

Co-founder & CEO

Kishore Karkera
Kishore Karkera

Co-founder & COO

Alan Dang
Alan Dang

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Alexis Dang
Alexis Dang

Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

Geoffrey Doyle
Geoffrey Doyle

Chief Investment Officer

Michelle Thai
Michelle Thai

Chief Strategy Officer

Greg Morris
Greg Morris

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Rengers
Steve Rengers

Sr. Vice President, Zeda Technologies

Tim Warden
Tim Warden

Vice President, Sales and Marketing


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Elevate your platform

We embrace a culture of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries and seeking new solutions to complex challenges.

Prototype faster

With our state-of-the-art equipment and a multidisciplinary team of skilled engineers, we accelerate the realization of innovative ideas at every level.

Build it better

We strive for excellence in everything we do, delivering high-quality results and exceeding expectations.

Collab & co-locate

We believe in the power of collaboration, fostering strong partnerships and teamwork to achieve collective success.

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Proudly partnered with AddUp
Proudly partnered with Berkely Catalyst Fund
Proudly partnered with Boutique Investing for Life
Proudly partnered with DOV
Proudly partnered with Desktop Metal
Proudly partnered with DexaMedica
Proudly partnered with EDB Singapore
Proudly partnered with Hewlitt Packard
Proudly partnered with Hi-P International
Proudly partnered with NAMIC
Proudly partnered with NHG
Proudly partnered with NUHS
Proudly partnered with SingHealth
Proudly partnered with Syensqo
Proudly partnered with Taiyo Nippon Sanso
Proudly partnered with UCSF
Proudly partnered with VELO 3D

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